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Locally Grown and Family Owned

The small farm difference!

I (Jeff Koehn) am a trout farmer with a passion for raising the highest quality, best tasting trout on the market today! From egg to market, we raise our trout in free flowing spring water using high quality locally made feed. Care is taken to minimize stress and, in most cases eliminate the need for medicated feed and other treatments.

Quality you can taste!

Fish are taken from the water in small batches and instantly placed in ice water. From here they are quickly dressed (guts and gills removed) and then returned to the chill tank. Once fully chilled, they are hand filleted, placed on ice, and in most cases brought to you the next day. Our fillets may not be perfect in appearance (I'm a farmer, not a chef), but for freshness and taste give us a try and,

'Taste the Small Farm Difference!'

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Trout Fillets

$12 / pound

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201 Juniper St
Buhl, ID 83316

208 420-0854

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