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Locally Grown and Family Owned

The small farm difference. 

I am a trout farmer with a passion for raising the highest quality, best-tasting trout on the market. From egg to market, we raise our trout in free-flowing spring water using high-quality, locally-made feed without antibiotics. By minimizing stress we eliminate the need for medicated feed and other treatments.

Quality you can taste. 

Fish are taken from the water in small batches and instantly placed in ice water. From here, they are quickly dressed and then returned to the chill tank. Once fully chilled, they are hand filleted, placed on ice, and in most cases, brought to you the next day. Our fillets may not be perfect in appearance - I'm a farmer, not a chef - but for freshness and taste, they are sublime.


I invite you to taste the small farm difference for yourself, 

Jeff Koehn

Owner & Farmer

Trout Fillets


Smoked Trout


How to purchase: 

Nourish Me / Ketchum, weekly on Wednesday

Visit us on Wednesday's from noon to 4:30 pm. We have fresh and smoked trout fillets available by the pound. Our smoked trout flavors are: 

Asian, Classic Smoked, Pineapple Habanero, Blackberry Jalapeno, Raspberry Chipotle and Mango Habanero

Email us here:

We will follow up to confirm your order as well as your pickup, shipping or delivery preferences. 

Text or call: 

Get in touch with your request at 208 420 0854 and we will follow up!

Buy online >>

A visit to the farm. 

Louise Burns, Ketchum

“I found Jeff and his trout at Nourish Me and had to send him a text immediately after our dinner to let him know that everyone wanted more. A fabulous find for a new cook."

Heather Smith, Ketchum

"I am a dedicated Koehn Trout customer because of Jeff's process. Farmed trout that is aquifer-fed and antibiotic-free? I'm in." 

Darcy Hansen, Ketchum

“We so enjoy Jeff's trout both fresh and smoked. The Asian Smoked Trout with rosemary crackers and brie is my fav appetizer. ”

Join our mailing list to hear about market appearances and updates.  

201 Juniper St
Buhl, ID 83316

Thank you! 

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